Thursday, March 11, 2010

Your Input Would be Much Appreciated!!

As mentioned in my last update, I have been trying to consider a fairer way to introduce my new pieces for adoption that takes into account all collectors around the world. I have been discussing this situation with one of my favourite artists, Kathy Myers from Vintage Mink Bears, who also has had this on her mind and she has put something together on her website that you might be interested in taking a look at.
Please follow this link to see what she has generously put together for us all to ponder, she has covered all bases in a straight forward and easy to understand format.
If you have a spare moment, please have a read and we would really appreciate your thoughts from a collectors point of view.
Please contact myself or Kathy if you would like to vote for a particular sales method or if you have any other suggestions or comments to add.
Our aim is make collecting a fair and more enjoyable experience for everyone!

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