Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing Much has Changed!!!

Here's a laugh, I finally got a scanner and have been having fun loading some old pics on my poota.
Just had to share these though, me as a kid with my favorite things, bears and dogs...........not much has changed!!!!!


  1. AAWWWW! They are such gorgeous are so lucky to have them!!!
    Have fun at Jordie's 1st Birthday!!!
    Hugs Lindax

  2. These pictures are adorable. Wouldn't it be nice to still have those bears. Do you?

  3. Thanks Linda, Jordie was a bit overwelmed by all the commotion...really funny:-)
    Hi Joanne, unfortunately I don't have them anymore, the big bear was originally my mum's, and his arm ended up falling off ( with some help from my baby sister) and he got thrown away.......was very heartbreaking for me, if I'd only known he could have been saved from the rubbish bin!!!!

  4. Awe, thanks Helen, maybe we should all get our baby pics out:-D