Friday, March 11, 2011

Show & Competition Updates

2011 WA Craft Quilt & Stitch Show - Teddy Bear Challenge The Challenge is on again.........this years pattern is designed by Jennie Boylan, the very talented artist that taught me how to make bears, quite a few years ago now! Same rules as last year, use the specified pattern and make your bear out of anything that you fancy or use the specified mohair and make anything you feel like. There's still plenty of time, why not be brave and have a go at both challenges. Please contact Jennie to register your interest by following the links on my "Shows" page To keep updated on the competition details, please follow the new "The Teddy Tree" Facebook page, there are plenty of photos already posted, and while you are there, please don't forget to "Like" it and add it to your "Favorites" list....I already have ;o)

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