Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lil' Ol' Rusty - Sorry I am Sold!

Lil' Ol' Rusty is a new design, my first "old" styled bear.
He is a OOAK, and is created from mohair with silk paw pads, he stands at approximately 5 inches ( 13cm ).
He has amber glass eyes, an old style stitched and waxed nose, a firm, wobble joint head and is filled with poly/ steel shot for a lovely weighty little bear.
Payment Plans are available, please visit my website for more details.
AUD$295.00 plus ship/insurance.


  1. He is wonderful Kim, his face is so sweet.

  2. Such a little cutie pie Kim. I'm sure he'll find a mummy quick smart.

  3. Thanks guys, he was my first attempt at an old style bear! Not quite there, me thinks, but still a little character on his own:o)

  4. So glad you like him, he's been reserved on a payment plan this morning. He will be off to the US soon :o)