Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Fergus" New Bear

Please meet my latest commissioned bear, his name is Fergus and he is off to his new home in Western Australia.


  1. What an absolute little cutie!

    I *LOVE* the poseability of your bears (ok, I just love your bears, but that's beside the point!)

    It is bear-making like you do that inspires me to try new and different things in my own work... it's just that amazing!

  2. Thanks Linda and Heather,Fergus is only double jointed at the neck, otherwise he is a standard jointed bear.Maybe one day I will get to try some armature and see what I can come up with!!
    I'm humbled that you find my work inspiring, I think as artists, we need to be inspired constantly to keep the creativity flowing. I just like to create pieces that warm my heart and make me smile!

  3. Dear Kim,

    How are you, are you fine?

    I want to tell you, that your bears other creation are...Amazing!
    I am in love with there big nose..!

    I hope to meet you in my nostalgic world..

    Sweet greetings,
    Marijke van Ooijen

  4. Thank you Marijke, I admire your work too, it is enchanting, I have visited your site a few times now to have a look, it really is lovely!