Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mouse Kits - Available Now!

My brand new exclusive Mouse Kits are available now.
Each kit is numbered consecutively, so each completed piece will have it's very own edition number and Certificate of Authenticity. Details and prices are posted on my website at http://www.russellbears.com/catalog.php?category=Kits , page 2.
Please contact me with any questions at russellbears@gmail.com .


  1. Oh they're so cute!

    BTW, my Murphy made it home, thank you so much for the crit sheet, it was really useful. Thanks to all the judges for taking the time to do that :o) He's going to a raffle at the GYTBE in Sheffield in November in aid of the local children's hospital

  2. Katy you will have to send me a photo of which bear it was, I never checked the names when they were on display. I will know it when I see it.
    The critique sheets are great, they teach you so much, we had so many entries, so many Murphy's looking at me all at once!!
    What a wonderful gesture with the raffle, good on you:-)