Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hugglets 2012

Best of luck to all trading and visiting Hugglets today, so wish I was there, at least some of my creations get to go this year!!
All 5 new pieces should be listed on Silly Bears website shortly, unfortunately you will not see any of them on my website or blog as my computer decided to end it's days with me early in the week with all my files and photos along with it. I am hoping everything can be saved and loaded onto a brand new system I've had to purchase, and should be ready next week sometime. Until then I am stuck using my Hubby's laptop, thank goodness he had one!!!!!
Silly Bears website link is in an earlier post below if you would like to see some more photos of the new creations :o)


  1. I feel for you, It reminds me I should back up some of my photo's. I hope your bears sell well.

  2. Yes, back up, back up and more backing's been a real pain in the u no wat!!
    Hope to get it back Monday, with everything still in tact :o)