Saturday, March 17, 2012

The WA Teddy Bear Challenge for 2012

The WA Teddy Bear Challenge entries will be on display at the WA Craft Show ( details above ). The Teddy Tree and various bear artists will also be trading at the show, so mark your calenders to make sure you can be there.

The WA Teddy Bear Challenge for 2012, Pattern and Fur are now available! Come in and get yours now to allow plenty of time for your creations to come alive! If you can't come in, we can send you what you need, all international entries are welcome too.

This years pattern is designed by the exceptionally talented and modest, Jennie Boylan. "Ashburton" (pattern) incorporates the opportunity for you to test out some of your sculpting skills and creative prowess, with a 5 piece head and optional foot pad accents. The Challenge fur this year is a white (or grey, depending on how you look at it!) Ratinee Mohair with black highlights.

Please contact The Teddy Tree for details -

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